About Us


Welcome to our blog!  Mr. Pathfinder and I, Mrs. Pathfinder, are sharing our adventure from debt in the city to off grid to freedom in the forest. You see, we recently opened our eyes to the world around us and in August of 2015, when Mr. Pathfinder only had 18 months left in his Army career, we decided we were going to make some big changes. We value having a strong family unit, being debt free, and living healthy. We thought an off-grid homestead would be the perfect setting for living out our values.

So, we are moving our family of four to a rural off-grid cabin on 10 acres in the woods. Our goal is to be more self-sustaining and healthier, to learn new skills, to spend our time as a family and work together as a team to build our life, and to find our happiness.

In The Adventure, we will share our process to buying an off-grid property, what we learn and how we are developing our land, and how we live comfortably on a minimalistic income. In Penny-wise, we will be sharing our 18 months of extreme budgeting, basement conversion “tiny home” living, and side hustles; all of which amounted to paying cash for our property.  Find out more about us and join our family on an adventure into the woods!

Thanks for tuning in! We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Facebook page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Have an awesome day and stay happy!