Pathfinders play Pathfinder, of course!

Welcome to our first product recommendation, PATHFINDER ADVENTURE CARD GAME! I know you were expecting some sort of tool or other off grid must-have, but off grid entertainment is very important for our family’s sanity. Don’t worry, this game is super cool.

I’m Mrs. Pathfinder and, since we’re new to sharing our journey, let me tell you a little about us. We’re a family of four who doesn’t have cable OR Netflix. Once we move to our cabin, we won’t even have internet! Our children are June, 7, and Pants, 4. They spend their free time playing outside, playing boardgames, and reading… crazy, right? Because our family works best as a team and we, the parents, can’t stand winning-obsessed whiners, Mr. Pathfinder wanted to find a cooperative game where we played together and not against each other. Don’t get us wrong; we love a good race to the front door or an elaborate competition of Connect Four. Our intention for this purchase was to find an indoor, family activity that everyone leaves feeling like a team.

Pathfinder Game

Our daughter, June, recently entered grade school and since homeschooling, has become a professional reader! I wouldn’t recommend this game for many children under 10 but she is able to read the cards, tell a story for her turn, and quickly add the die. There are times when we have to explain some vocabulary but we take this opportunity to bust out the dictionary for a quick lesson. For learning addition and multiplication, this game rocks! Die are 4,6,8,10, and 12 sided and each turn can have multiple die rolled. The game allows us to use our imaginations to build a story and personalize our characters. Pathfinder gives us hours of family entertainment! I say “family,” but our son, Pants, is still too young. We see him playing in a few years. A few years? Yeah, we’re sure we’ll still be playing; PATHFINDER is that good!

So, how much do we love this game? If you’ve been following us, you know Mr. Pathfinder and I are a pair of tightwads and we never buy anything new… but we put out for PATHFINDER! In fact, we love the game so much, we pay full price at the local gaming store and give local small businesses our support. Maybe you don’t have a store in town, you can get a great discount on everything Pathfinder here! Purchasing items through provided links is a way you can thank us at no added expense to you.

WARNING: There is mature content in this game.

Of course, there is violence as the object is to demolish the evildoers who plague Sandpoint as your character travels to different locations acquiring boons, making allies, and conquering obstacles. But how do two overprotective parents allow their children to play? We don’t approve of most children’s movies as we feel they are really adult movies, disguised with animation. It’s a wonder as to why we are able to look past the violence in Pathfinder. Maybe because we have control of the story? I do know my character, Valeros, is a kindhearted badass who loves to share meals. Most times he’ll befriend the goblins instead of beheading them with his Long Sword +1.

One aspect we do not care for is some female characters are scantly dressed. We have taken out a few cards if we felt the content or graphic is inappropriate for us. Recently, Mr. Pathfinder took out the second (or third?) scenario of adventure deck 5. He said it was because the scenario had a sexual tone. Removing it did not phase us or the game at all! We probably wouldn’t have even noticed if we hadn’t seen him set up twice.

DISCLOSURE: It’s pretty cool that we’re able to review a game we share a part of our name with but PathfindersForOffGridHappiness has no affiliation with Pathfinder or Paizo Inc.

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