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When we decided to go off grid, we were living in an average 70’s split-level, 2,000sf house. As part of our extreme plan, we converted our downstairs into it’s own living quarters. After downsizing to 400sf, we had a house full of stuff to sell. Luckily, it was garage sale season! I, Mrs. Pathfinder, knew if we hosted a living estate sale, we would get allot of traffic. Instead of moving everything outside, we opened our doors to the public for a three day sale.


You see all that food? We sold it all because I went from coupon crazy to organic obsessed. You might also notice the brand new double oven peaking out. We made this purchase just two months before our complete overhaul, when we had thought about upgrading our kitchen and remodeling it to meet Cottage Permit standards. We boxed most of our kitchen stuff because we dream of building a small cabin for a “master kitchen.” Both Mr. Pathfinder and I like to be creative in the kitchen, whether it’s preparing meals, baking, or making soaps.

DSC_0115 DSC_0116

Two tables? Part of me was saddened when selling our dining room table. We never used it, but I felt like we had moved into a new level of adulthood when we purchased it.

Adios living room!


We said goodbye to our TVs and AppleTV. We still have something to watch movies but we tried to part with most of our electronics.

DSC_0109DSC_0110Our comfy furniture had to go, including the giant beanbag couch. Our pups even had to give up some luxuries. I hope to be able to do another old TV console turned to dog bed.


Our kids went from each having a bedroom to mattresses on the floor.




DSC_0105 DSC_0104 When I started my research on a homestead lifestyle, I learned the truths of our everyday products and sold my couponing stockpile. Since, we’ve made our own soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste.

So, the big question we know everyone is wondering… How much did we make? I can’t give you an exact number but I can tell you it wasn’t anywhere near what we had paid for everything. If you’re thinking about selling anything at a garage sale, you will need to be aware of garage sale prices.

Here is an example of some items we sold:

  • $1,500 couches went for $200
  • $500 TV and wall mount went for $40
  • $200 kitchen table went for $30

There were a ton of large items we didn’t sell during the three days. After we moved the leftovers in the garage, I called a local resale warehouse to check out what was left. The owner made me an offer of $400 for everything. That may sound like allot but below are a few larger items that what were included:

  • $500 dining room table
  • $100 AppleTV
  • $80 mirror
  • $300 worth of decor
  • $200 side table
  • $100 ladder shelf
  • $1,000 custom baby furniture and all matching decor

As you can see, selling everything didn’t make us rich. We could have sold things on Craigslist or Ebay for more money but we didn’t feel like investing the time. Sometimes I miss some of our stuff and having more indoor room to roam but this was a step we needed to take to be able to pay cash for our property. Ultimately, when comparing our life with the fluff and our life now, we are confident we made the right decision for our family.

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  1. What a great idea to prepare for living a simpler life! I have toyed with the idea of living in a smaller home, maybe someday.

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