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One resource we used, as most do, was Craigslist. I would check the For Sale section multiple times a day and knew the ads so well, the “regulars” receive nicknames. Not only was I constantly refreshing the listings page, we also had an ad with our land requirements. Below, in bold, is our ad to give you an example. We realize everyone’s requirements are different but we’ll share with you our explanation of our checklist in (parenthesis).

Hello and thank you for checking out our ad. We’re looking for 5+ acres of land to build or has a small house for full time dwelling. Will pay UP TO $8k/acre at a MAX PRICE of $40k for raw land and MAX PRICE $80k for an established property. We are open to a fully established homestead. If you have a property above $80k, it MUST QUALIFY FOR A LOAN.
Minimum Requirements:
  • within 2 miles of a county maintained road with legal, year round access (Road maintenance! What if you’re the only full time residents on a private road? If the road is dirt, which every road we drove on was, that is allot of maintenance and wear on vehicles.)
  • within 30 miles of a hospital (This is farther than we would suggest but Mr. Pathfinder has extensive life-saving training. We’re also purchasing an Air Ambulance Service.)
  • within 100 miles of an airport (Our extended family lives in multiple states, none of which we live in. Holidays are spent elsewhere or we’re picking up family from the airport. We prefer to limit the added stresses of travel.)
  • 5+ miles from a highway (Why buy land in a forest if you have to hear trucks cruising by?)
  • 15+ miles away from town (We like our privacy)
  • 60+ miles away from major city (The more miles the better. We really like our privacy)
  • mostly level to sloping
  • southern exposure (For solar and gardening)
  • trees, not logged (Resource for firewood and lumber)
Additional Requirements: If you do not know these, I’m willing to do the research on qualifying properties.
  • within a county and city with minimal building codes and permits, and low permit costs (Stay tuned for a future blog on what we learned about building codes, permits, etc.)
  • good neighboring well logs (Stay tuned for a blog on what we learned about wells)
Established Qualities: Property does not have to have all features listed.
  • +5GPM well: Please have well log. (Ideally we would want a higher GPM but we are open to purchasing a cistern.)
  • Dwelling (It could have been our dream home or simply a shelter to lay our heads at night while we build our forever home.)
  • Barn (We plan on having a few livestock and will need storage)
  • Creek, pond, or other water feature
  • Septic (We plan on composting but know septic would be ideal for resale)
  • Garden (We know it will take a years to have an established garden that sustains our family’s food requirements. Having something already in place would have been a huge advantage)
  • Orchard (Again, it takes years before trees bear fruit. Having something established would have really given us a leg-up.)
Possible Financing:
  • Owner contract
  • Cash (SEE Penny-wise)
  • Lease
  • Conventional loan
  • VA loan

DISCLOSURE: The purpose of this blog is to give an example of an ad. These requirements meet our family’s needs and are not fit for everyone.

While we think a wanted ad is a great resource to buying anything, we did not purchase our property through this wanted ad. However, our property does meet all of our minimal requirements, both additional requirements, and a few established qualities. If you are in the buying stage, we wish you great fortune!  To read more about our buying process and our property, see The Adventure and Buying Land. If you like this post or you think there is something we’ve forgotten, please tell us!

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